Speech Technology Center
We create products and technologies to empower people, make the interaction of human and the digital environment safe, confidential and comfortable
We Build Long-term Trust-based Partnership
We build long-term effective relationships. Act honestly and openly with partners and clients, focus on the mentality and cultural differences.
We share our experience and help our partners and clients to become experts in our products.
We develop technological, platform and project partnerships: partners and customers create products with us.
We Think Big
Our clients are governments and the largest private and public organizations with multi-million audience of users.
We develop our products and services to solve big and complicated problems.
We Create Products and Technologies That You Can Trust
We create products for Smart Cities, optimize Enterprise Contact Centers and provide accessible environment and equal opportunities for customers of Russia, the CIS, Latin America and the Middle East.
We are a global developer and market expert in speech technologies, voice and facial biometrics
In-house R&D
Product Portfolio
Project Portfolio
World-class technologies and strong scientific base
Strong development and implementation team
Standalone products and complete solution for wide range of industries
A large number of successful implementations in companies of Russia, CIS, LATAM
Customer relationship management

Support at all project stages
Strong sales team

Professional business consulting for Contact Centers
Technology developers
Programmers and engineers
Standalone products
large Russian projects
Global national projects
B2B clients
Technical support
Sales managers
Technology Leader
Our Partners
The most realistic speech synthesis in Russian language according to an independent quality assessment
We used specialized survey services to obtain a score.
All tests were anonymous.
Speech synthesis systems from Yandex, Google, ABK and a real person were taken as competitors.
in Speech recognition
in Speech recognition
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