CEP Analytics
Products and services for analyzing the speech interaction between customer and staff when contacting a contact center or offline point of sale
Product Options
Unique technologies of speech recognition and analysis of emotions in voice and text channel
CC Speech Analytics

In-store Speech Analytics
Recording and Storage
of Voice Samples
Dialogue Quality Assessment
Analysis and Search for Insights
Determining the subject of customer requests to the CC and sales office
Understanding the emotional state of customers and the causes of conflict situations
Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
What your customers care about?
How to protect your business from fraud?
Why do customers tend to leave?
Quality Control of Agents and In-store Consultants
Scripts compliance control
Identifying employees at the risk zone
Highlighting employees at the risk zone
Automatic control and analysis of agents' actions and verbal behavior
Reducing costs without sacrificing service quality by optimizing service time and reducing repeat calls – FCR growth
Internal Business Processes Optimization
Identify new opportunities for automation
Analysis of the best and worst sales practices
Analysis of handling customer objections
In-store Analytics
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